Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Make A Solar Oven!

We cooked some Smores and hot dogs in our solar oven. It is easy to make, and took 20 minutes to put together.

Supplies: 1 box , newspapers, scissors, tape, black construction paper, clear plastic wrap, aluminum foil, ruler. Our box was 14" length X 11" wide X 3" tall. You can use a pizza box also.

1) On top of box, Draw an 8.5" X 11" 3 sided square, this is the flap on top.

2) Cut out the 3 sides of the square and fold flap back.

3) Cover inside of flap with aluminum foil using tape to secure the edges.

4) Line inside of box bottom with black paper. Tape or glue down.

5) Roll up newspapers to 1.5" thick and tape closed. Fit these around the inside edges of the box.

6) Tightly stretch and tape plastic wrap to inside/ underside of top opening.

7) Prop the flap open with a ruler while cooking.

Place the oven in the sun, on a table or chair. The sun will bounce off the aluminum foil and warm up the food inside. It took about an hour for the hot dog to be warm and the Smores to melt.


javieth said...

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Nicole said...

This looks like the most doable solar oven I have seen, that my kids would actually be able to help with. We'll be doing this tomorrow! Thanks.

Annie Khan said...

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