Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sea Shell Swirl

This was fun and easy! We put it in a frame holder to display it.

Supplies: Seashells, Glue, Paper Plate

Directions: Grab a small paper plate and start by gluing a single shell in the middle.
Pick a different color shell and glue around the first.
Continue until you have filled the whole plate.

You can use rhinestones, buttons, and add some charms for a little flair!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Paper Fans

Paper Fans by Chloe & Lucas

Supplies: Construction Paper, Tape, Stickers, (also Rhinestones, Markers, Glue, anything you can glue on to paper)

Take piece of construction paper lengthwise and fold 1 inch, then flip over and fold backwards.

Keep folding back and forth until it looks like an accordion.

Put stickers on folds. You can put stickers on every other fold or do a pattern of stickers.

Gather paper at the bottom and tape together a 1-2 inch high handle.

Voila, now you can stay cool in the hot summer heat!! No batteries required!