Sunday, December 7, 2008

Silver Picture Frame- a new twist on macaroni

We had a lot of fun making these frames. We used silver and gold paint with different shaped macaroni noodles to make metallic picture frame ornaments for Christmas. The metallic paint gives the macaroni a more grown up look.

Macaroni (different shapes)
Spray Paint
Hole Puncher

1) Cut out a 5" x 5" piece of cardboard and draw a 2" x 2" square in the middle

2) Use the hole puncher to make a hole in the top middle of the cardboard.

3) Cover the cardboard with a thick layer of glue around the outside of the middle square, and quickly sprinkle the macaroni on it.

4) Spray pain the whole thing with silver or gold metallic spray paint.

5) After the paint dries, glue on picture of kids or pets in the middle square. Let it dry.

6) Cut a piece of yarn about 8" long and tie a loop for hanging your picture up on the tree.

Voila you have a perfect ornament that can last for years. Enjoy!